Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Impressions: Eau Des Missions by Le Couvent Des Minimes

Okay, so this one I got for $19 (60mL) in a split from a fellow fragrance lover on Facebook. I figured it was a safe enough blind buy, especially when I heard it compared to a few other very famous (and very expensive) vanilla based scents. So, for such a cheap fragrance, the real question is: Is it any good? Short answer, yes. From the very start this reminded me of another five star cheapy, Choco Musk by Al Rehab. While this does not have the chocolate that the latter has, the opening in both is a very marshmallowy, super saccharine vanilla that is just ever so slightly powdery. Now, I can tell you right away, this isn't the best take on the genre I have smelled to date, but it does do a remarkably good job of remaining wearable and pleasant throughout its first few hours.

Once this sits on the skin and fabric for a while, it fades away very quickly. But, while it is in that process, it turns fairly spicy and just a little hit of benzoin. Now, I can't really fault this for not lasting that long, as it is an eau de cologne strength fragrance, but it is worth noting that this only projects for a few hours. Thus, it is a perfect "fragrance snack." By this I mean it is great to wear in between your morning and night scents if you change over, or if you just want a quick spritz of something different. I also think this could be great for layering as it stays fairly linear throughout its few hours in skin. I generally don't layer, but it is certainly an option here. Overall, this is a good scent for what it is trying to accomplish. It isn't going to blow anyone away, but it is a solid stab at sweet vanilla.

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