Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing "First Takes"

As a brand new blog, and me fairly new to the scene as a whole, I've been wanting to include some articles that highlight certain things I'm interested in around the fragrance world. The first thing that came to mind was doing a first take series like you would see on Youtube or elsewhere.

These will not be full reviews like the one I did on L'Air du Desert Marocain, but will highlight my initial thoughts on the fragrance, offer some insight, and send you on your way to anticipate a full review once I've spend a sufficient amount of time with a fragrance.

Also I feel I should be honest when I review a fragrance, so while I'm on the topic, I'll mention that each time I do a review, first take, or anything else review based on this blog, I'll be sure to mention just how long I've spent with each fragrance.

Cheers, and I look forward to offering a first take on several fragrances in the near future.


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