Saturday, April 20, 2013

A long voyage: First impressions of O'driu part 1- Lalfeogrigio

I want to preface this by saying that I am not a trained nose, and I can tell already that this house is definitely tailored to those who have a high scent knowledge and scent identification ability. This is just my take on the first fragrance from the line that I have sampled. Fortunately, you get enough juice for two or three good wearings, so I can come back to this since these impressions are being made from just one wearing in a stream of thought writing style not too deviant from my Seconds on the Clock series.

 Start (12:30ish): The first thing I get is the smell of when I enter my local incense/tea/spices shop Seven Arrows. It smells highly of that type of kitchen spice accord (cumin, pepper, basil, etc.).

 ~1:00 p.m.: I get a lot of paprika/pepper and woody notes, with a softer edge in the background that smells more floral (but soft, very, exquisitely soft like high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets wrapped around the opening woody notes).

I am also starting to notice an anise like note as well. It is a little sharp and helps to balance out the softness of the floral undertone that I mentioned. It is definitely not in-your-face licorice or anything like that, but it is noticeable to me.

~1:20 p.m.: This seems to change very quickly, almost instantly. I've heard from other reviewers that this actually has over fifty different notes in it, and the stuff listed on Fragrantica really isn't helping me very much in discerning which notes are which. This is definitely a "try it and figure it out for yourself" type of scent, since I can only imagine that every single person who tries it will get something different from it.

Anyway, I'm still in the spicy/woody phase right now, but I am expecting this to turn either floral or resinous once it starts to dry down, just judging from the way it smells now. I have a feeling the florals will die down though, and the darker stuff will reign supreme soon enough.

~1:50 p.m.: I'm starting to get more of a bitter coffee note, but not so much brewed coffee, more the smell of the bag of coffee or what I imagine the roasting process smells like. This combines to my nose with the anise to make a twisting, singular scent when examined very closely. The spices are starting to die down considerably though, and it smells like a shadow of its former self right now (not necessarily a bad thing).

~2:15 p.m.: It is definitely more resinous now and I don't get as many florals. Maybe the floral is jasmine? Anyway, I'm getting some non-sweet amber right now.

~3:00 p.m.: At this point I'm starting to get something more animalic and resinous. Not sure if it is leather or what, but it is noticeable.

~4:25 p.m.: Things have settled down a lot now. I'm getting a slightly powdery smell ala Ambre Precieux, and still some faint spiciness and softness in there. At this point the scent is light.

~5:00 p.m.: This stage of the scent seems to be the end. It has flattened out.

Overall I really like this first offering from O'driu. Is it worth the over $1,000 price tag? Probably not. But, I guess since there were only eight bottles made you would be paying for exclusivity if you found it. Me, I'll stick with the sample! Very nice juice though, and I am very impressed with the ingredients, composition, and overall smell.

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