Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seconds on the Clock: Sel Marin by Heely

I hear a lot about this fragrance, but at the same time I hear next to nothing. How is this possible, you ask? Well, it seems to have found its niche audience (pun intended), and among those people, it's a big hit. But, I still don't hear it talked about a lot on Basenotes or YouTube. Well, I snagged a sample, so let's go:

8:00 a.m.- It has a really familiar aroma. I can't quite place it, but it feels like the background feeling of the heart notes of MI minus the burst of melon. I get a delicate scent that is a little bit salty, a little bit fresh, and very pleasant. It does have a slight chemical smell that reminds me of body wash, but that's not a really bad thing, considering I just got out of the shower and I could be smelling that. We'll see if that goes away as the scent of the body wash dries to nothing and the perfume comes into its own.

 8:24 a.m.- I'm getting more of a floral vibe now, which is interesting. I can't place the floral, but it might be the seagrass and moss that is listed in the notes. So, essentially just an odd floral note, but it is actually pretty nice.

8:29 a.m.- Okay, you know what it is....SAND! That's what I am smelling. But, not dirty, wet sand, but fresh, sun baked on the beach sand that mixes with foamed, crystallized salt. I've grown up by the ocean my whole life and I'm definitely being reminded of a sand vibe.

9:40 a.m.- I'm getting more of a sea vibe than before. The sand thing is definitely still there, but I am starting to get a hint of something green in the background (just a little bit though).

10:43 a.m.- At this point I am definitely getting something green. I think it is the seagrass for sure now, though I hear people mention that vetiver is in the notes. I'm not sure I get that, but I like the smell for sure, and it has helped that floral vibe die down a bit. I have to admit, I think Sel Marin is going to wear out completely within the next hour or so, which would be pretty bad longevity. That being said, I did only put on half a .7mL sample (dabbed), so it may do better sprayed from a proper bottle.

11:40 a.m.- It's dying down more so now, but I am getting something that reminds me of seabreeze...which is really hard to explain. I'll just leave it at that.

1:38 p.m.- I'm calling it. Sel Marin is dead as of 1:40ish p.m. Even in the last hour or two was very faded, but I have a feeling that if I applied more, I would have had better longevity. As of now, that's about 5 hours of longevity.

The price for this is not exactly cheap, $180 for 100 mL, but even at $1.80 per mL, I think it's worth it for the beauty that this fragrance exudes. Just after one wearing I can tell that this is an aquatic done right, and that's coming from someone that honestly hates aquatics. So far it's a thumbs up!

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