Monday, April 29, 2013

First Impressions: Rose Ishtar by Rania

Straight up, I want to let you know that I was gifted this sample along with several others by Sjorn from Essenza-Nobile. I also want to mention that he asked me to link to the site at the end of the review, so I will do that. First a quick note on them so I don't have to circle back or mention it elsewhere, I recently bought Musc Ravageur and got a great deal, and if you can wait out the long shipping overseas, I recommend it.

Anyway, on with Rose Ishtar. I want to say that I am not very familiar with or particularly comfortable with wearing female fragrances, and this one is definitely that.

I get a lot of rose off the top, but it's a very squeaky clean rose that's a little piercing on it's own like it largely is in the opening. Fortunately, after that I get some of one of my favorite notes, guaiac wood. There is also some roasty, slightly sweet tonka bean that I like a lot.

Once it settles down a bit, that piercing rose fades down into a pretty realistic rose, but nothing I haven't smelled before. I get a dirty vibe from this, which I think is coming from the guaiac wood and some patchouli that helps round out the composition.

Rose Ishtar seems like a linear composition, which isn't something I particularly like given its price tag. Still, I get what the perfumer was trying to do. It seems like they wanted a different rose fragrance than the hundreds that are out there on the market (most marketed toward women), and in a way they succeed. Sweetness and darkness with rose is something I've seen done before, and done better (Noir de Noir for example), but the woods and patchouli in this does make it stand out from the crowd as something at least worth trying for the women out there who are interested in fragrances, or some comfortable men. It's definitely feminine smelling to my nose, though.


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